How does an LP differ from MICs and Private REITs?

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R2 is a technology and data driven platform that provides qualified individuals and institutions access to a wide variety of commercial real estate projects and learning opportunities. We combine in house proprietary technology with 3rd party APIs to bring cutting edge solutions to our clients. Our decades of institutional experience with cutting edge technology in order to empower our clients through direct access and greater transparency. 

Our software and product teams hail from leading technology firms. Our focus on technology and data drives differentiated sourcing, more efficient underwriting, and a seamless client experience.

What is unique about R2?

We leverage the economies of scale created by the Internet to bring efficiencies to private capital markets - reducing the need for both time and manual resources. Our seamless and well integrated tech platform transforms the real estate capital formation industry in a big way by eventually replacing expensive sales and management teams with online applications, implementing data driven decision making, and automated APIs (application programming interfaces).

I am a past Investor. How do I get info on my investment?

The investments are managed by the ISSUERS who are also known as GPs or Property Owners. Once your money is invested, you will need to connect with the Issuer directly as we at R2 do not have any legal ownership, control or knowledge about that investment during it's life cycle. We belive all of the investments offered on our platform were good investments and should perform as expected, however, you will need to connect with the property owner ie the GP for more information. Your subscription document should have this contact information readily available.

When I invest in equity, what do I own?

When you invest in an equity opportunity, you are typically purchasing shares of an LP as a limited member. In turn, that LP owns (directly or indirectly), along with the real estate company and other investors, a share of a joint venture entity that owns a specific investment property, like a specific apartment building. An LP gives you liability protection, shielding your personal assets from the investment.

What if I invested in equity and more money is needed for the property in the future? Am I obligated to invest more as an equity owner?

Such investments typically do not have capital calls. A capital call is where the investor is required to commit more money to the property, beyond the initial investment. Rather than requiring an additional investment, it is possible that investors will be diluted if more money needs to be raised. While this is typically the case with equity investments offered in the industry, please check the offering materials for each investment to fully understand your liabilities as an investor.

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