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The Basics

About: R2

R2 is an online portal for real estate investing and capital raising. Qualified Investors are able to invest in commercial real estate investments online through our simple and secure online platform. 

Our team has decades of experience working with large Financial and Real estate firms such as BMO, RBC, CIBC, JLL and more. We tend to use large and credible firms for underwriting and due dilligence help. For e.g., Colliers for valuation services.

What is unique about R2?

We leverage the economies of scale created by the Internet to cut out excessive fees, while also lowering execution costs and reducing both time and manual resources. Our seamless and well integrated web­platform transforms the real estate origination, underwriting, funding, and servicing/reporting processes, replacing expensive sales and management teams with online applications, implementing data driven decision making, and automating transactions through payment processing APIs (application programming interfaces).

Is the R2 online platform safe, secure and legal?

We use similar encryption that is used by major banks all over the world. We also use advanced technology to monitor and prevent security breaches.

All of our investors and developers are vetted and approved before membership access is granted. Each of our real estate deals and projects are thoroughly checked and vetted before being approved. 

R2 is approved as an EMD in 7 Canadian provinces under "The Securities Act"

Given that the investments returns are high, does it mean the product is risky?

Every investment including GIC, Mututal Funds, Stocks and Bonds carry inherent risk. Real Estate investing via REITs, MICs, Private REITs or LPs is no different. While we endeavour to mitigate risk as much as we can during our deal structuring process, it can never be fully eliminated. For e.g., construction delays, cost over-runs can reduce or eliminate returns.

We encourage our investors to put their capital in multiple deals instead of one in order to further mitigate risk by way of diversificatoin.

Is the R2 online platform secure?

Yes. Funds are transferred electronically via strategic payment gateway partner that is a pubicaly listed TSX company. Investor’s funds are held in a trust account with RBC/CIBC.

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