How It Works - Investors

R2 is registered under "The Securities Act" in ON, AB, BC, MB, NS, QC & SK.

How it works - Investors
Investors: Institutional + Retail

1 Investors: Institutional + Retail

Our investments are open to Accredited investors and Institutions once they are approved by us from a product suitability standpoint. After an investor is approved by us, they are then able to access our due dilligence materials online in a user friendly and efficiently manner.

Curated Product

2 Curated Product

We conduct a very rigourous analysis of every investment that goes on our portal. Some of the key files that are available for your perusal include:

- Appraisal, Building condition and environmental reports

- Past financial and future projections

- Pictures and drone videos

- LP agreements, subscription agreements and more..

Invest Digitally or in person

3 Invest Digitally or in person

Choose which projects you are interested in and then review the required legal documentation. When you make a contribution to your chosen real estate investment, your funds are transferred to a temporary trust account until the final funding target is reached. At the end of each month, your funds are transferred to the project Sponsor. Majority of our deals are not purchases and hence there is no execution risk. However, if there is a deal where the capital raise is tied to purchase completion, if the closing of purchase does not happen, all of your money is refunded. Depending on the type of product you've invested in you may start receiving monthly dividends within 30 days. Note that after you sign up, a member of the R2 staff will be in touch with you to discuss and confirm KYC, product suitablity and other regulatory requirements.

Manage Your Portfolio Online

4 Manage Your Portfolio Online

Monitor your portfolio of property investments 24/7. R2 features real time analytics and a customized dashboard for you to track and review your investments progress with a few simple clicks. Wherever you have the internet, you can access your portfolio from your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can also register for email alerts and make use of our education centre and blog. 

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