Learn and Connect: How does the supply side of capital work?

Learn how to optimize your capital stack and access private capital

Relationships are the key

1 Relationships are the key

We only work with property owners that are reputable and have good projects from a viability and economical/financial standpoint. Our management has decades of experiences working with some of the biggest Financial Institutions in Canada including CIBC, BMO, RBC, JLL and more. We understand the complexity of commercial projects and we bring a creative mindset to deal structuring and a wealth of relationships in the industry.

How to raise Debt?

2 How to raise Debt?

Every commercial real estate project is unique and it takes a team of experts to underwrite and present the right set of information to lenders so that best possible debt structure can be obtained. Connect with us and learn more!

How to raise Equity?

3 How to raise Equity?

We understand different parts of capital stack very well and with our help you will be learn how to structure Equity financing in a way that is most conducive to project ROI. We use the power of technology to scale product distribution. We have thousands of data points that help us map our customer wealth profiles and connect them with you in a meaningful way. With our help you will access a wide variety of resources and be able to do capital raises through priavate market channel by structuring the projects under the Offering Memorandums and other relevant exemptions.

Capital is global today

4 Capital is global today

Our principals were key executives at JLL (a global CRE powerhouse) prior to launching this platform and through their past affliliations and partnerships, you will learn how to access to a wide variety of local and Global investors.


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